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For over 13 years, I struggled to find happiness in the Finance world; and then I realized my dream, I landed a job at JP Morgan which happened to be my definition of the ultimate personal achievement at the time. “So we have arrived, this is happiness” I thought to myself; meanwhile all the same ails plagued me: severe anxiety, mood swings, fatigue, depression, chronic pain, general unhappiness with myself and even strangers. Then came that question “how do you know if you are happy?”

That was by far the scariest thing I ever asked myself because deep down in all the places I wasn’t ready to admit yet, I was not happy. I now recognize this as the first step in my journey to uncover my soul’s true purpose; so naturally, I ran FAST from exploring that any further.

It wasn’t until five years later when my third and most serious autoimmune disease came knocking at my door, that I began to let go of my “no pain, no gain” philosophy of life. When Crohns Disease brought me to a point of not being able to eat, let alone drink water, I was forced to explore “easier” ways of living.

My first introduction to the power of attraction was finding Strala Yoga, created by Tara Stiles. This was the first place I felt comfortable in my own skin and able to let down my guard and truely begin to connect with myself.

To be continued…