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Ascorbic Acid

Ever read about this stuff?

Well its a sham. Of course - and its what you may take in the pill form known by its common name Vitamin C. 

In the 1930's a scientist extracted ascorbic acid from red peppers and won a Nobel prize for it. What was a huge take away and ignored today is that extracting it caused a huge loss of its efficacy. Today we find supplements like these on our grocery store shelves under the guise of vitamins. They are marketed to us as healthy when really, 10% of what you take in this synthetic form is absorbed into the body AND keep in mind they don't just extract it anymore. Today the vitamins you take (and the motts applesauce you eat) are marketed to you as healthy, but really you are ingesting corn syrup and hydrochloric acid. That's your vitamin. Let that sink in. 

Gross. Hit me up if you are interested in taking your health into your own hands. 



Delivering Big News

Have you ever had someone call you out of the blue and drop big news on you? Its disturbing to your flow, your state of mind, maybe it cuts into your concentration. How do you get through those kind of situations?

That just happened to me and I realized how many life skills I have learned through my therapist. I kept calm during the conversation, the shock of the ask did not disturb my easy midnful state. I kept my healthy boundries by effectively and kindly communicating what I needed to receive in order to make a decision. Under pressure, I didn't even feel any anxiety in my gut in the moment. I was flowing at the crest of a wave with ease and grace. I did it! That was a pretty huge moment for me to not have a physical response and I'm proud of myself for this moment. Your gut is so important to your overall wellbeing. Yes, its important to keep a healthy flora and all that, but the emotional responses are seeds of the real tough physical manifestations. That's why keeping your cool is a real benefit to your health.

Being fully present in this situation also allowed me to receive a great reminder: when I need to present big news to someone to keep in mind they are moving through their own "reality". Moving mindfully through life in consideration of others gets you further. 


Empathy is a Mirror

Have you ever realized that you are able to stress less when you are able to connect with yourself through sleep, exercise and eating well? Have you ever tried?

I spent years unable to recognize my stress. I constantly strived to move forward in the face of whatever obstacle awaited me. Just because you don't "feel" stress doesn't mean you arent' experiencing it. Look for clues within: fatigue, dry skin, achy joints, upset stomach, drinking a lot, anti-anxiety synthetic medication, headaches and maybe most surprisingly - judging others. What meaning do you attach to stress? Can you cope with uncertainty? Do you try your best to maintain control of every situation. 

Try empathy with yourself and others. Take down your negative bias filter and maybe this is your pathway to less stress. When you exercise empathy your brain releases oxytocin - a NATURAL way to reduce anxiety and fear. You can train your brain friends.


Overwhelmed with Creativity

An expression of love can take many forms. I have been living alongside the most clarity I have had since I can remember. Of course, this is a cycle just like the ratios and reproductions of life, everything follows a cycle. My current cycle is being flooded of creative ideas and ways to share my passion of aromatherapy and wellness with others. I have my vision and I'm trying to execute it. I'm overwhelmed with all the learning tools I am currently employing to develop my personal expertise in this area as well. I often don't know where to start and then I have to remind myself that everything is right on time. I have to let it all fall into place which I am, but I'm desperately trying to be organized before its all everywhere. My new business name: CONTAINS MAGIC. Studying, potion making, potion using, networking, domain purchasing, organizing, document building, website building, bullet journaling, intention setting, meditating, carrying crystals all of this to create space for the ideas to come and they are. There are so many I don't know what to do with them yet but I trust. I trust in this process and what I am doing. Its working. You create space it will come. This is all kinda insane how it really DOES work. 

Its a lot happening inside but I guess once it starts getting too big to contain you have to let it out. I learned this at WOOM Center. Every single saturday in our vocal meditation we expereince this. The actions you physically take are a direct reflection of the ideas you can act on inside. I hope to share soon more on WOOM center and how by showing up has allowed me to experience a fuller life. If you can check out the WOOM Center in NYC - do it. NOW.


Discomfort Breeds Creativity

This week I have actually been working on this one and lo and behold I got my Shine text and it was this same topic. Isn't it funny that once you become aware of something it keeps coming to you in different ways? 

Observation has been a key skill that has afforded me the ability to create space within to be a kinder person. Observing my physical energy, the self talk in my head, the situation as it is (not how I perceive it), others around me, I take it all in. As is generally the case, it turns out the circumstances that created discomfort inside of me were a direct reflection of where I am and where I am working inside myself. Lessons keep coming until you make a conscious choice to leave the familiar. Sitting with discomfort rather than pushing it away has gifted me a fountain of creativity for the direction I am shifting my life.  I feel gratitude today for the ability to live inside the space, avoid a reaction and see the deeper meaning and growth I can take from the situation.

Millimeters add to inches. In fact, last night I met up with coworkers I have not seen in over two years. I have been on my new pathway of living almost all that time and everyone recognized it. Literally, every. single. person. I encountered commented how refreshed, happy and glowing I am. They said "wow KT, you seem really happy" over and over again. And its true, I am. Each lesson I'm able to observe gives me another opportunity to grow and become happier. It IS a choice and a decision and a commitment to self.

I am here for you no matter who you are. I want to help you through your discomfort so you can find the creativty and happiness you deserve.