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Alec Monopoly is the Shiz

Yesterday I had the great piveiage of walking my usual route to find Alec Monopoly in action! It was a huge honor to meet Alec - he is one of my founding fathers of sticker scouting. He is not only an amazing pop artist, but also a super cool dude who even entertained a photo with me (mask on of course).


Thanks Alec, if you visit my site ALLMYNICETHINGS.com I will send you a free 45 adapter necklace to sport around LA!! Hit me up!!

P.S. will you send me some stickers? 


ARMY of ONE at Billy's Antiques and with Myopic Madness, FUMERO and Screwtape

ARMY of ONE is once again spreading his message of peace across the LES, this time at the site of the temporarily closed Billy's Antiques. All that remains is a coffin and a frame painted red, signifying death to another bowery landmark succumb to the gentrification on the Bowery. 

The 1% taking advantage of the powerless for gain, isnt' that essentially what war is? Keep up your Anti-War message ARMY of ONE, we love to know you are around watching over us.

Update: 4 May, ARMY of ONE spotted with Screwtape (his masterpiece already removed from its frame much like the one he posted on the bowery wall), Myopic Madness and Fumero - AWESOMENESS!!!


Screwtape now removed from Bowery Wall